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… And yet more from the Nxivm follies

by Chet Hardin on June 28, 2010

Holy shit, a lot happened today at deadline after I filed my latest article about Nxivm.
Barbara Bouchey, former Nxian, had a hearing before the federal court today in her bankruptcy case, presided over by the Honorable Robert Littlefield. This is the same judge who presided over Toni Natalie’s epic bankruptcy claim and also the judge who is hearing the bankruptcy claim of Joe O’Hara. Each of these people, former associates of Keith Raniere, et al, claim that they were driven into bankruptcy court by their former Nxivm associates’ aggressive litigation after they tried to part ways. The dirty of the situation, according to sources: Bouchey left Nxivm on bad terms. She was Raniere’s girlfriend for a time and a key player in Nxivm’s corporate growth. While with Nxivm, Bouchey managed some of the financial interests of Sara and Clare Bronfman, the heiress benefactors of Raniere’s fan club. That relationship obviously dissolved after Bouchey left Nxivm.

The Bronfmans filed a claim this spring against Bouchey in California alleging that she had disseminated their private financial documentation to lawyers and the media. Serious allegations to be leveled against a financial planner. Yet, once Bouchey filed her bankruptcy claim in front of Littlefield, all civil claims against her, including the claim in California, were halted. And today, Judge Littlefield denied the Bronfmans’ request to continue their lawsuit against her in California, Bouchey’s PR firm announced in a late-day press release, stating: “both parties have now agreed that case will be withdrawn.”

Natalie, Bouchey and O’Hara all consider this a significant win.