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Presidential Endorsement

by Ali Hibbs on January 26, 2011



On Jan. 21, President Barack Obama made his second visit to the Capital Region to talk about technological innovation and the benefits of sustainable energy production at the General Electric Plant in Schenectady. Obama championed education and infrastructure improvements, as well as technological innovation and expanded international commerce, as essential for the U.S. to remain globally competitive, create more jobs at home and ensure sustainable economic security. Plants like the one in Schenectady, he believes, exemplify the direction that we need to take as a country.


GE has undertaken a variety of initiatives that resonate with the administration’s plans, prompting Obama to tap GE CEO Jeff Immelt to chair his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Projects launched by GE include a new eco-friendly Renewable Energy Global Headquarters, a state-of-the-art digital mammography production facility, a renovated Global Research Center and the impending battery plant. Upon completion, these projects will have added more than 1,300 jobs to the region and will represent more than $300 million in local investments.