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Vinicius Cantuária & Bill Frisell

by David Greenberger on March 30, 2011

Restless explorer Bill Frisell has found a resonantly simpatico collaborator in Vinicius Cantuária. Frisell’s multiple guitars and loops are braided with Cantuária’s percussion, vocals and acoustic guitar. With both men questing beyond the music through which they first entered into the realms of performance and recording, they have happily landed in familiar yet new landscapes.
At once fearlessly modern and rooted in traditions, the 10 tracks of Lagrimas Mexicanas pulse with quietly delineated rhythms, incessant even when no percussion instruments are being utilized. The set’s four instrumentals are as exotically appointed as those with Cantuária’s vocals, all of which are sung in Spanish with the exception of the closing number, “Fornifas.” That one is sung in English articulated with an accent that makes clear it’s his second language, thereby evoking another layer of longing, for a place far away. This entire album sounds like a place far away, but mysteriously nearby. The world breathes in and out.