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Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs on April 6, 2011

Space Cowboys It’s been a busy couple months for B3nson flagship act Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned. Before leaving for their first full-blown national tour—a wide orbit of SXSW—the new lineup, featuring Ryan Stewart of Beware! The Other Head of Science on a proper drum set (maybe that Salvation Army band comparison is going to have to finally change) and Tim Koch taking more lead vocal duties, recorded a fresh new long player titled Twelve Horse Riding Songs. It’s available for $5 at sgtdunbar.bandcamp.com and certainly stands as some of the band’s most polished work.

Adding to the epic of their cross-country trek, car trouble stranded the band in Las Cruces, N.M. for nine days, forcing them to drive 30 straight hours to Portland in order to catch up to the remaining gigs.

On Sunday, (barring further breakdowns) the band will return to Albany for a homecoming show at Valentine’s (7 PM) along with Generifus and Atlantic/Pacific, which will also serve as a release party for a new 7” EP titled Amnesia Moon. Alex Muro says this is the first vinyl B3nson has ever pressed and explains the title comes from a Jonathan Lethem novel of the same name, bearing the subtitle: “Are these dreams? That which we forget, upon awakening, with regret.”

Rebel Video This time last year, Taína Asili y la Banda Rebelde released their debut record War Cry, an ambitious concoction of musical traditions. This Saturday, the band will unveil its first music video for the song “It’s In Our Hands” during a show at Red Square with openers Thousands of One, an Afro-hip-hop group from Ithaca.

The video was filmed by Victoria Kereszi along with volunteers from the Sanctuary for Indpendent Media and YouthFX, a group that teaches video and photography skills as well as “the art of visual storytelling” to kids from Albany’s South End.

The show’s at 8 PM and tickets are $10.

Same Folks, New Board After seven years in Troy, the self-proclaimed “most amazing recording studio that has ever lived,” Collar City Sound announced last weekend that it would be joining forces with the Black Dog Recording Studio in Stillwater. This is good news for lots of area musicians who have recorded with Collar City over the years, but especially for Frank Moscowitz and Seamus McNulty, who have moved into the positions of studio management and chief engineer for the state-of-the-art recording facility. Their Facebook page is already spilling over with excitement about all the new gear.

At Your Service On a more technical note, I just wanted to announce that I’ve taken over editing duties for the Metroland music section, so all pitches, news tips, review discs, ideas, praise, hate mail and idle rants should be directed my way—or rather to jpotter@metroland.net, out loud at 463-2500 x144. As for clubs listings, all venue calendars should now be sent to clubs@metroland.net. Fair warning: Anything now faxed, mailed or e-mailed to any other box runs the risk of disappearing into the info void.