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Return to the Visual

by Shawn Stone on November 10, 2011

David Greenberger is best known for, and made his artistic mark with The Duplex Planet. More than a periodical, this legacy of 25 years of “books, recordings and performances of monologues with music” made us think about aging in new and rewarding ways—as well as entertaining us. (You probably also know Greenberger from his concert and album reviews in these very pages; he’s on the recordings page this week, as a matter of fact.) What you may not know is that, after finishing art school back in the 1970s, Greenberger purposely stopped painting to pursue The Duplex Planet, which he called his “new medium of sorts.” A few years ago he returned to making visual art, and some of his renewed efforts will be included at an exhibit opening Saturday (Nov. 12) at the Lake George Arts Project’s Courthouse Gallery (1 Amherst St., Lake George). The exhibit is named, simply, for the two featured artists: Mary Gaynier and David Greenberger; there is also a reception from 4-6 PM on Nov. 12. Pictured is Licorice Nibs Circling the Drain (ink & colored pencil on paper, 7.25” sq., 2011). For more info, visit lakegeorgearts.org.