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POTUS Makes a Nanovisit

by The Staff on May 10, 2012

Photo by Erin Pihlaja

For his third trip to the Capital Region since taking office, President Barack Obama addressed a gathering of students, university administrators and public officials on Tuesday at the University at Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to unveil a “to-do list” for Congress. After receiving praise from Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his leadership in the economic recovery, Obama named the college as an institution that “represents the future of our economy” and hoped that other communities across the nation could adopt the model that he called “the most advanced manufacturing work in America.” This was the fifth point in the list, which included mortgage refinancing, tax breaks for renewable energy and small-business and veteran job assistance. Admittedly “cheating” on the five-point list, the president went on to add two further points to his plan, including a transportation bill that would keep a million construction workers on the job and a measure to keep student loan rates from doubling. With U.S. Reps. Paul Tonko and Chris Gibson in attendance, Obama said he hoped the list was simple enough for lawmakers to review, and urged their support.