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Making ’Em Laugh On Lark Street

by Katherine Rasmussen on June 7, 2012

A selection of local comedians will try to make you “LOL” on Wednesday (June 13) at 9 PM at Elda’s on Lark (205 Lark St., Albany) at the next Laughs on Lark. (Pun intended.) The $5 showcase features four 15-minute stand-up acts, and samples some of Albany’s best, up-and-coming comedic talent. The show also bids farewell to Matt Kelly, the comedian who co-created Laughs on Lark, and who has hosted the monthly event alongside Jaye McBride from the beginning.

Rumors of a roast, guest comics and other must-see tricks the host allegedly has up her sleeve have Kelly questioning how long McBride has been planning his farewell show. Tricks or no tricks, next month Kelly hands the baton to over Kevin Marshall. Marshall, as a co-producer of Laughs on Lark with McBride, is the logical choice to host the event. (Laughs on Lark is held on the second Wednesday of every month.)

It is a testament to what Kelly and McBride see as the consistent quality of this stand-up show that neither of then can pick one favorite moment from their two-year stint as co-hosts.

Joining the bill on Kelly’s farewell LOL are Bill Nettleton and William Hughes, who in collaboration with Matt Mitchell and Vernon Payne, are premiering a YouTube sitcom titled Open Mic this fall. Open Mic will follow the lives of novice comics and best friends Ben (Mitchell) and Kevin (Payne) as they overcome the awkwardness of trying to make people laugh at open mics. Episodes alternate between scenes of their stand-up routines and assorted misadventures with women, an extreme comic named Clive (Hughes) and their jittery friend Bill (Nettleton).

This concept has been used to show a high-profile comedian’s experience before, most notably by Louis C.K. Open Mic is the version for comics in mid-city bars. Much of the material is based on their true experiences of presenting their rawest material—and surviving epic comedic failures—in front of other comics at Savannah’s open mic (which is held at 7:30 PM on Thursdays). The Open Mic characters experience (and recover from) comic downfalls in a pleasantly competitive comedy scene.

You can check out Open Mic later, and become acquainted with the cast in person when they help launch Matt Kelly on Wednesday.