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Bon Iver

by Metroland Staff on September 13, 2012


This past year, Bon Iver won the Best New Artist Grammy and had their self-titled sophomore record picked by Pitchfork as the year’s best. Do you realize how significant this is? For the first time in decades, the arbiter of mainstream pop success and the voice of the hipsterati actually agreed on something. Does this mean that the Grammys are relevant again or that Pitchfork is out of touch? Maybe we’re overthinking things. Bon Iver, while maligned by some for their forays into ’80s kitsch, basically made good on the promise of Justin Vernon’s debut For Emma, Forever Ago, in all its sweeping, falsetto splendor, and basically earning fans of anyone with ears. Should be a great show to enjoy with a Three Philosophers in hand. Anais Mitchell will open. (Sept. 17, 8 PM, $45, 656 County Highway 33, Cooperstown, 888-512-7469)