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Coheed and Cambria

by Metroland Staff on September 20, 2012


“New-prog” band Coheed and Cambria’s career is a bit like a superhero movie franchise. Just when you think they’ve tied up the last story arc, there’s a multipart saga with a new cast of characters ready to emerge from some arcane section of the mythology. In early October, the band will release The Afterman: Ascension, followed by The Afterman: Descension in February, which will tell the story of Sirius Armory, who has discovered that the Keywork (fictional planetary system within which all of the band’s songs take place) is an afterlife for departed souls. Whoa. What’s more, Mark Wahlberg is going to make the whole thing into a movie. (Sept. 22, 8 PM, $31.25, Empire State Plaza, Albany, 473-1845)