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by Metroland Staff on September 20, 2012

We’ve had Grimes’ track “Genesis” stuck in our ears pretty much nonstop since the Canadian electronic princess released Visions in January—and we still have no idea what she’s actually singing. But that doesn’t concern us in the least. The girl—whose sound has been beautifully described as the “alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA”—has friggin’ exploded into the indie cultural spotlight in the intervening months, touring internationally with Skrillex, shooting her own surreal music videos, collaborating with hip-hop stars, throwing gallery shows, and launching her own line of “pussy rings.” Which leaves us dumbfounded that the Basilica could wrangle this show, supported by Elite Gymnastics and Myths. (Sept. 25, 7 PM, $15, 110 Front St., Hudson, 822-1050)