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New Alcohol Restrictions at LarkFest

by Erin Pihlaja on September 20, 2012


Photo by Erin Pihlaja.

It was a year of change for LarkFest, the annual Albany street festival that took place Saturday (Sept. 15), shut down Lark Street from Washington Avenue to Madison Avenue, and drew thousands of people. For the first time, coolers were banned and alcohol had to be purchased from Lark Street bars and restaurants, where it was served in special cups. Meghan McGrath, director of operations at the Lark Street BID, said that there were “no big issues” and that the policy “definitely did help with the drinking and some craziness.” She noted that the BID received complaints from convenience stores on the street and bars located just outside of the designated drinking zone, neither of whom could sell alcohol for consumption within the festival. Some vendors and businesses reported decreased sales from 2011, although McGrath said that the BID was “happy with the attendance.”