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Twins of Evil Tour

by David King on October 17, 2012


Halloween is a lucky time this year because the two scariest men in the universe are coming to the Glens Falls Civic Center just days before the bone-chilling holiday. No, we aren’t talking about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan—we’re talking about the two dudes who spent the ’90s scaring your mom and dad to death, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. Both guys have grown some since they were ruling MTV and the airwaves—Zombie is now a hot commodity in Hollywood thanks to his work in the horror genre and Manson is . . . just a larger version of himself. So what the hell made Rob Zombie dust off the Dragula, blow off the sunny California surf and to embark on a kabillion-date tour with Manson? We asked Zombie just that question in the 10 minutes we were allowed to talk to the dreaded master of industrial, schlock horror.

“I still enjoy it,” Zombie says of touring. It’s a nice break, almost like an odd vacation in a way. When you are making movies you’re stuck in a room editing for hours.” For those who have seen Zombie in the past, you are in for a major disappointment: The show just isn’t as big as it used to be. The explosions, the gore, the Sturm und Drang—it’s all gotten, well, bigger!

“It is bigger than ever,” says Zombie, “It’s always my goal to make a show as big as I can before we go bankrupt.”

photo by Rick Fagan

Let’s cross our fingers that the show actually makes it to town. You see, Manson and Zombie are in the middle of a horrific duel to the death, or at least a Twitter duel—whatever consequence those things tend to have. Manson recently announced he would kick Zombie’s ass after he was asked to leave the stage after his allotted time. Zombie took to the nets to let fans know that both have an equal set list and basically share everything 50/50.

Interestingly enough, Zombie’s band lineup is now made up of two ex-Manson bandmates, John 5 and Ginger Fish; John 5 was the guitarist for Manson’s oft-derided Bowie homage Mechanical Animals.

If you haven’t heard Zombie in a while, you may or may not be pleased to know that his latest works actually trend in that direction—big glam with sleazy hooks.

Zombie says that his musical tastes “fluctuate,” but his “biggest influences are Bowie, T. Rex and Mott and the Hoople.”

As for his current band and his status as Eskimo brother with Manson on the bandmate front, Zombie says, “It’s amazing how a certain pool of musicians remain standing. A lot of people fall away over time. I pretty much know everybody in the business. It’s a weird thing that happened with bands 40 years ago: ‘He used to be in Faces, now he’s in the Rolling Stones.’ ”

Zombie says his next record is in the can and ready to go. He says it sounds a bit like he did 20 years ago, mixed with the ’70s glam influences he holds so dear. Next year you can be bet he will be on some impersonal package tour where he only plays four songs before being whisked off stage for Justin Bieber, so this may be the one chance you have to see Zombie tear up the stage for more than an hour. “Festivals are fun,” said Zombie, “but they are a nightmare for your production.”

“Hey, it’s all big blur at this point.”

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson will bring their Twins of Evil tour to the Glens Falls Civic Center (1 Civic Center Plaza, Glens Falls) on Tuesday (Oct. 23) at 7 PM. Tickets are $37.50 and $47.50. For more info, call 798-0202.