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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

by Metroland Staff on November 1, 2012


New York power trio the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion allegedly “did for a new wave of blues-punk primitivists what Helen of Troy’s face did for the armada.” And we’re not about to dispute press materials as poetic as that. Nor are we going to speak of these guys in the past tense. It’s been 20 years since the band dropped a psychedelic bombshell on traditional blues-based riff rock, and they’ve stayed busy dismantling American roots music. Meat and Bone is the band’s first new record in eight years and it’s put them back in the cultural vanguard. Check out the video for the single “Black Mold” if you need proof. Daddy Long Legs will open. (Nov. 2, 9 PM, $22, 405 Columbia St., Hudson, 828-4800)