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Dillon Francis

by Metroland Staff on November 8, 2012


Stupid kids doing stupid things aside, there seems to be a semantic problem at the heart of the city of Albany’s decision to ban dance parties like the Dillon Francis show from the Washington Avenue Armory after the now-infamous foam party episode. The city claims that DJed events don’t qualify as “concerts” and therefor require a special cabaret license. You may then notice the irony in where Francis’s Wet and Wreckless Tour has been moved. Evidently Clifton Park doesn’t require that a performer have an old-time guitar or drumset onstage to be considered a “concert” act. Nor do they mind snatching up all the revenue that would be coming to Albany if only Mayor Jennings would wise up to the fastest growing concert market in the country (EDM). (Nov. 8, 7 PM, $30, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)