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Albany Gets Ready for Its Close-Up

C-SPAN is coming to town

by Ella Niyokindi on November 15, 2012


Photo by Erin Pihlaja

Crew members of C-SPAN, the cable television network that offers coverage of federal government proceedings and other public-affairs programming via three channels (C-SPAN, C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3), will spend a week in Albany, in specially detailed Ford Transit Connect vans, to capture historical sites and the beauty of Albany, said Debbie Lamb, coordinating producer of C-SPAN. As part of C-SPAN’s LCV Cities Tour, journalists on board the “Local Content Vehicles” will interview local historians, authors and civic leaders for segments about the cultural heritage of Albany and the city’s literary notables.

At a press conference at City Hall on Tuesday, Mayor Jerry Jennings said that the city was chosen because of its fascinating history and the life of the community, as well as the beauty of the city. “Thank you for bringing our city to the international stage,” he added.

William Kennedy, the locally based Pulitzer Prize-winning author, gave a brief account of Albany’s political history and noted that it was the “oldest charted city in New York state outside of New York city.”

According to Lamb, C-SPAN was formed in 1979 by the cable industry to provide audiences with direct access to public officials, without interference from commercials or other forms of editing. “The whole point is to give an insight look to the audience, without any interruption on what’s really going on,” she said.

Time Warner Cable will air this Albany-featured event on Dec. 8 and 9 on these channels: C-SPAN 2/570; C-SPAN2/575; and C-SPAN3/580.