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The Tragically Hip

by Metroland Staff on November 15, 2012


It’s got to be a Canadian thing—finding something less than glorious about being fantastically cool. Or maybe it’s a wry Gen X “college rock” thing. See, millenial American bands prefer their hipness tragedy-free, full of hangover-free vodka and Red Bulls and no-strings-attached handjobs, because overdosing, bankrupcy and STDs exist only on VH1’s Behind the Music—and we never saw the episode on this Ontario-based quintet. These guys are Hockey Night in Canada big, winners of 14 Juno awards, and beneficiaries of a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto. This year, the band released their 12th studio album, Now For Plan A, which features a couple making out on a Twister board—with at least some clothes on—which is a tragedy to our hip American eyes. (Nov. 15, 9 PM, $35, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)