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Tween, Bacteria, Dangrfield

by Metroland Staff on November 21, 2012


Is it a desecration to Thanksgiving to throw a big, dirty sludge-rock show one day after that hallowed feast of plenty? No more so than Nicole Westbrook’s 8-million-view viral pre-teen-pop master-flop “It’s Thanksgiving.” Have we seen this, people? It’s Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (same skeezy producer and suburban-white-girls-gone-wild premise) . . . sung into a severed fucking turkey leg. Yes, Google if you must. But if you prefer the type of nausea and hysteria induced by gut-churning bass and close proximity to cymbals, head to Hudson’s Hangrr 18 instead, a fine little cinderblock concert den outside the Basilica. (Nov. 23, 10 PM, 99 South 3rd St., Hudson)