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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone on November 29, 2012


The chocolate fountains at the New York State Museum's Chocolate Expo

THAT HOLIDAY FEELING As the late Andy Williams so memorably crooned, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” The State of New York gets into the holiday act this Sunday (Dec. 2) with the Chocolate Expo and Holiday Gift Market from 11 AM to 4:30 PM at the New York State Museum and the Great Train Extravaganza in the Empire State Plaza’s Convention Hall from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, followed by the Holiday Tree Lighting at the Capitol end of the Empire State Plaza. The Chocolate Expo is held in the NYSM’s Adirondack Hall, and will feature “a selection of locally crafted chocolates, confections, specialty foods, jewelry, body products and more.” The kids, of course, won’t give a crap about anything but the chocolate. And the highlight of the chocolate-related fun for kids is the We Do Fondue chocolate dipping fountains, which, once seen, will probably displace visions of sugarplums in the youngsters’ heads. Tickets for the Expo are $3. For more info about the Expo, call 474-5877. The Great Train Extravaganza features a spectacular model train display and vendor tables, along with lecture-presentations on all things locomotive-related all day. Admission to the Great Train Extravaganza is $7, but it’s free to kids under 12 years old. Finally, after the fun with trains and chocolate, it’s time to light the New York State Christmas, er, Holiday, tree, followed by fireworks. No word on whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be on hand—he’s been pretty busy lately—but we have fond memories of his pop doing the honors when he was governor.

NOT SO JOLLY  Not as jolly as a holiday festival but depressingly revealing (and rewarding) are the films being shown at Saratoga Film Forum (320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs) this weekend. On Friday (Nov. 30) at 7:30 PM, SFF will show Craig Zobel’s Compliance, a nasty dramatization of a real-life series of pranks in which someone posing as a police officer would take over a fast-food restaurant and psychologically torment the employees. Worse, said “jokester” (creep) would get the employees to torment each other. There will be a panel discussion following the film, which costs $7 if you’re not a member and $5 if you are. SFF keeps up the ho ho ho! spirit on Sunday (Dec. 2) ay 3 PM with Stanley Kramer’s film Judgment at Nuremburg, about a Nazi war-crimes trial. It’s probably Kramer’s best, and features excellent performances by Spencer Tracy, Maximilian Schell, Marlene Dietrich, Richard Widmark and Judy Garland. For more info, call 584-FILM.

HOLIDAY SPIRIT  Finally, I want to tip my hat (I don’t really wear a hat) to our readers who follow us on Twitter (Twitter is a useful abomination) for their holiday spirit. I can’t remember any Twitter jabbering (AKA “Tweet”) from the Metroland account that was re-tweeted more than my simple suggestion on Thanksgiving afternoon (yes, I checked in at the office on Thanksgiving, I am either compulsive or a loser or both) to “not go shopping” that night. Shopping on Thanksgiving Day is an abomination (like Twitter, though not as useful), and no, that cheap flat screen was not worth it. Happy Whatever.

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