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Billy Joe Shaver

by The Staff on November 29, 2012


Country-music veteran Billy Joe Shaver is 73 years old. That number is also significant in Shaver’s career, as ’73 was the year he released Old Five and Dimers Like Me, a debut that put him in the company of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings as one of the great purveyors of “outlaw country.”

Accordingly, the man’s biography is almost too amazing to be true. He taught himself to strum a guitar with three fingers, after losing the other two in a mill accident. He was acquitted of shooting a man in self-defense. Elvis Presley and Kris Kristofferson each recorded Shaver’s songs. He served as Kinky Friedman’s “spiritual advisor” to his run for Texas governor. And he was name-dropped in a 2009 song by Bob Dylan.

This year, Shaver is celebrating the release of both Live at Billy Bob’s Texas and Live From Austin, TX: Austin City Limits.

Billy Joe Shaver will play the Ale House (680 River St., Troy) on Tuesday (Dec. 4) at 8 PM. Call 272-9740 for more info.