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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone on December 6, 2012



Back in October 2011, an entertaining and unnerving documentary titled Craptastic! had a one-night-only screening at the Spectrum 8 Theatres. It chronicled the attempt by producer and Chatham resident John James (of Dynasty and All My Children fame) and director David Giancola to make a cult sci-fi parody feature film starring Anna Nicole Smith. (And, at the same time, shoot footage about the making of their comedy for an eventual documentary.) Giancola and James set out to make a Scary Movie-style romp, completely unaware of the downward spiral Nicole Smith was in. What should have been a lot of fun and an eventual cable TV-staple—owing to Nicole Smith’s international fame—instead became a nightmare that ended with Nicole Smith’s accidental death.

Anna Nicole Smith and director David Giancola in Addicted to Fame

Now, Craptastic! has been retitled Addicted to Fame and has been picked up for theatrical distribution, and returns to the Spectrum 8 Theatres tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 7) for a regular theatrical run.

It’s worth your interest. It begins with one comic mishap after another, and gets continually darker as Giancola realizes what kind of Faustian bargain he’s made. It mutates from hilarious train wreck to somber tragedy, with plenty of absurd moments along the way.

The filmmaker has faced criticism for exploiting Nicole Smith for the original movie and this documentary, but this charge doesn’t seem fair. For example, one of the big surprises Giancola gets when he starts shooting the film is that Anna Nicole Smith was illiterate. Funny that this fact wasn’t widely reported when she was alive.

Oh, here’s a final fun fact that affirms the point of Giancola’s documentary: The original article I wrote on Craptastic! received more online hits than anything else I’ve ever written for Metroland. The rest of us are as addicted to fame in our own way as sad, ridiculous and (ultimately) tragic Anna Nicole Smith ever was.

Addicted to Fame will be screened at the Spectrum 8 Theatres (290 Delaware Ave., Albany) for a week beginning Dec. 7. See our movie pages for show times and visit spectrum8.com for more info.


Erotic Santas? Nazi elves? “Misplaced” sentimentalities? You will encounter all of these horrors—and more!—when Everything Is Terrible!, the “world famous masters of found footage,” bring their video collage of “everybody’s least favorite time of the year” to Troy’s 51 3rd St. on Tuesday. EIT comb through the discarded detritus of American culture—i.e., home videos on VHS and even less reputable formats—to create good old fashioned holiday fun. You’ll enjoy “fistfights over toys for tots,” and family gatherings and school events gone wrong. Plus, it’s an all-ages show. Everything Is Terrible! will bring their exuberant holiday nonsense to 51 3rd St. (Troy) at 7 PM on Tuesday, Dec. 11. It’s an all ages show. Visit everythingisterrible.com for details.

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