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Break Science

by The Staff on December 6, 2012


The average EDM fan probably doesn’t much care if their favorite artists have a degree in music or tripped and hit their head on a sampler to create their first dubstep beat. (If anything, they might prefer the latter. S’up Skrillex.) Break Science fans are smarter than this, likely because they’ve been following the work of drummer Adam Deitch since before the term EDM was coined.

A Berklee College of Music grad (and son of two others), Deitch has toured and recorded with everyone from jazz guitar legend John Schofield to 50 Cent. In the studio, his tastes trend toward hiphop and electronica, while his considerable live chops have landed him gigs with funk bands like Lettuce, Soulive and the Average White Band. Break Science is his electronic duo project with producer Borahm Lee. The group has released two EPs on Pretty Lights’ label just this year, with Twilight Frequency and Monolith Code attempting to spiritualize the genre with live sensibilities on synthetic instruments.

Pretty Lights collaborator Michal Menert will open.

Break Science will play Valentine’s (17 New Scotland Ave., Albany) tomorrow night (Friday, Dec. 7) at 8 PM. Tickets are $14. Call 432-6572 for more info.