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Holiday Folk Show

by Metroland Staff on December 20, 2012


Those silly old hippies at Caffe Lena must not have gotten the galactic transmission. Hey, folkies, the 12th baktun was so 394.26 tropical years ago! The world ends tomorrow and they’re still celebrating “Candlemas-Hanukkah-Ramadan-Solstice-Christmas-Kwanzaa-New Year-Boxing Day-Epiphany.” With, like, carols and shit. So, either performers John Kirk, Trish Miller, Linda Schrade, David Kiphuth, Addie Murray and Olin Boyle are naively optomistic about humanity’s chances or they’re somehow already vibrating on the frequency of the Fifth World, prophesied by the Hopi. Either way, this is the only area show bold enough to hold one apocalypse and one post-apocalypse run. (Dec. 21-22, 8 PM, $15, 47 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, 583-0022)