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Gone But Not Forgotten

by The Staff on January 3, 2013

Gone but not forgotten

The victims of the mass killings in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., George McGovern, Norman Schwarzkopf, Arlen Specter, Charles Colson, Joe Paterno, Mike Wallace, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Dick Clark, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Levon Helm, Dave Brubeck, Donna Summer, Gore Vidal, Ray Bradbury, Helen Gurley Brown, Larry Hagman, Phyllis Diller, Sally Ride, Neil Armstrong, Vidal Sassoon, Art Ginsburg (Mr. Food), Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Ernie Williams, Rodney King.

Writers: Gil Noble, Maurice Sendak, Nora Ephron, David Oliver Relin, Bryce Courtenay, David Rakoff, Judith Crist, Robert Hughes, Maeve Binchy, Andrew Sarris, Frank Pierson, Tom Davis, William Raspberry, Josef Skvorecky, Anthony Shadid, Bert Sugar, Hilton Kramer, Rosa Guy.

Actors: Andy Griffith, Michael Clarke Duncan, Sherman Hemsley, Chad Everett, Ron Palillo, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Hegyes, Ian Abercrombie, Harry Carey Jr., David Kelly, Jonathan Frid, George Lindsey, Kathryn Joosten, Frank Cady, Ann Rutherford, Henry Hill, Yvette Wilson, Victor Spinetti, Doris Singleton, Don Grady, Sage Stallone, Charles Durning, Jack Klugman, Tony Martin, Morgan Paull, John Ingle, Al Freeman Jr.

Directors, producers and cinematographers: Gerry Anderson, Steve Sabol, Tony Scott, Mel Stuart, Bill Asher, Gerry Anderson, Don Cornelius.

Dancers and choreographers: Nigel Charnock, Richard Cragun, John Percival, Marion North, Rudi van Dantzig.

Composers: Elliott Carter, Marvin Hamlisch, Hans Werner Henze.

Musicians: Doc Watson, Bob Westen, Dick Kniss, Ronnie Montrose, Michael Hossack, Earl Scruggs, Greg Ham, Tommy Marth, Charles “Skip” Pitts, Doug Dillard, Bob Welch, Kitty Wells, Jon Lord, Adam Yauch, Ray Collins, Jenni Rivera, Marvin Hamlisch, Hal David, Ravi Shankar, Fontella Bass, Andy Williams, Davy Jones, Robin Gibb, Fred Milano, Jimmy Ellis, Andy Williams, Hal David, Johnny Otis, Robin Gibb, Charles Rosen.

Artists: Thomas Kinkade, Franz West, Eve Arnold, Eiko Ishioka, Dorothea Tanning, Mike Kelley, Antoni Tapies, Lillian Bassman, Ken Price, Elizabeth Catlett, LeRoy Neiman, Franz West, Will Barnet.

Sports figures: Alex Karras, Gary Carter, Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, Angelo Dundee, Alex Webster, Bill Skowron, Jack Twyman, Ann Curtis, Johnny Pesky, Steve Van Buren, Art Modell, Barbara Ann Scott, Margaret Osborne duPont, Lee MacPhail, Marvin Miller, Rick Majerus.

Politicians and government figures: Robert Bork, Daniel Inouye, Warren Rudman, Catarina Castor, Robert L. Carter, Kevin H. White, J. Christopher, Jack Brooks.

Noble Prize winners: Joseph Murray (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the first successful human kidney transplant), Wislawa Szymborska (Nobel Prize in Literature), Renato Dulbecco (Nobel Prize In Physiology or Medicine for his work with the links between genetic mutations and cancer).

Scientists and inventors: George A. Miller (psychology and the human mind), Robert S. Ledley (invented the first CT scanner), Barry Commoner (founder of modern ecology), Stanford R. Ovshinsky (invented the nickel-metal hydride battery), N. Joseph Woodland (conceived the modern bar code).

Voice-over stars: Jerry Nelson (Sesame Street‘s Count von Count), Lucille Bliss (Smurfette), Dick Tufeld (the robot in Lost in Space).

Infamous: Libyan bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, responsible for the deaths of 270 passengers of Pan Am flight 103, and Saul P. Steinberg, who wreaked havoc on corporate stocks to the point where companies paid him millions of dollars to leave them alone.

Miscellaneous: Zig Ziglar, Jean Harris, Ferdinand A. Porsche, car guy Carroll Shelby, Tuskegee Airman George Hickman, activist Nicholas Katzenback, Native American rights activist Russell C. Means, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Newsweek, Hostess brand junk food.

Gone and forgotten

Chris Brown’s Twitter account, Mitt Romney, Suzuki automobiles, Lee Kindlon, the Twilight movies.

Gone and back again

Global Warming, the case against Joe Bruno, winter, the world, DJs at the Washington Avenue Armory, Wakin’ Up With The Wolf.

Gone and maybe back again

Scott Brown.

Gone and back and gone again

Voter fraud in Troy, the Beach Boys, Al Roney.

Please go away

Chris Brown, Carly Rae Jepsen, Albany Citizen One, Peter Jackson.

Please come back


Gone thanks to the Fuller Road construction

Party Warehouse.

Gone on Twitter but still here (#RIP)

Celebrities whom Twitter told us were dead, but really weren’t: Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Paris Hilton, Adam Sandler, Vanilla Ice, Bill Nye, Bruno Mars, Eddie Murphy, Goyte.