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by The Staff on January 31, 2013


Proctors’ Mainstage will become a staging ground for “highly physical dance theater” this Saturday evening when the Motionhouse dance company bring their production Scattered to town. Our relationship with water and water’s place in the physical world is at the heart of Scattered, as “seven dancers plunge into an ocean, wrestle a raging tide and slide on an avalanche to a frozen landscape of arctic beauty.”

A critic for The Guardian (U.K.) wrote, “Motionhouse like to leave their audiences physically disarranged—gobsmacked, stunned, overawed. With a cast of super-athletic dancers, as dexterous in the air with ropes as they are powerful on the floor, this is a company that has long cornered the high-impact end of the dance market. [And in] their latest work, Scattered, the OMG factor has been ratcheted up an extra notch.”

Motionhouse will perform Scattered on Saturday (Feb. 2) at 8 PM on the Mainstage at Proctors (432 State St., Schenectady). Tickets are $20-$45. For more info, call the box office at 346-6204.