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Aesop Rock

by Metroland Staff on February 14, 2013


Undergound New York rapper/producer Aesop Rock has been a well-kept secret of hip-hop heads over his career, spanning the last 20 years. The Long Island native has done work in every musical facet from songwriting to producing to music-video production and has been associated with other hip-hop veterans such as El-P and Felt, which features Murs and Slug from Atmosphere. Aesop Rock is a household name in the underground, alternative and indie hip-hop scenes as well as a product of New York hip-hop influence. He will be bringing his own dense-lyrical brand of boom-bap to Pearl Street on Saturday with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz. Busdriver will open. (Feb. 16, $20, 10 Pearl St., Northampton, Mass., 413-584-7771)