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Oliver Mtukudzi

by The Staff on April 4, 2013


Tuku is coming to town. Well, Oliver Mtukudzi is coming to town—he just goes by Tuku most of the time. Tuku is a Zimbabwean musician and singer, whose songs are mostly in Shona, a native language of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean music is often characterized by the use of mbira, or what Westerners might call a thumb piano. But Tuku is known for melding musical styles of sub-Saharan Africa in his own work, which includes Mbira (named after the instrument), Mbaqanga, the South African guitar-driven style, and the percussion of the Shona people. Tuku dubs his music “Tuku Music.”

Oliver Mtukudzi will perform Tuesday (April 9) at 7 PM at the Sanctuary for Independent Media (3361 6th Ave., Troy). Tickets are $10. For more info, call 272-2390.