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by Carey Taylor-Noble on April 5, 2013 · 6 comments


Secrets is a new column where I will comment on letters readers send in. The idea sprang from my work as a substance-abuse counselor and my involvement in the Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia Medical School. As a reader of Secrets you can experience insight through engaging in active listening to people who are struggling with decisions they have made in their life. Hearing others’ stories, their secrets, can inspire change in your life by offering solutions and coping strategies for you to consider. Researchers have found a correlation between withholding secrets and health’ stress is one of the biggest side effects. Many psychologists support the theory of secrets-as-enemy school of thought. It became clear to me, as a counselor, that releasing secrets was often a turning point in a person’s journey to wellness. The commentary I will offer in the Secrets column is meant to be nonjudgmental, empathetic, and occasionally humorous. We encourage you to send in your anonymous, non-traceable secret.



Carey Taylor Noble has a background in community health and substance-abuse counseling, and a degree in psychology with a concentration in behavioral science. She has attended Columbia Medical School’s Narrative Medicine Program and is a freelance writer and producer living in upstate New York.


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