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Money Speaks for Money

by Molly Eadie on April 17, 2013

Photo by Molly Eadie

On Monday (April 15), Todd Allocco, of Albany, disguised himself as the Walmart smiley face known from the company’s advertisments, and left bags of fake money outside the office of Senate Co-Leader and Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeffrey D. Klein as part of a demonstration by Occupy Albany and MoveOn.org to demand fairer, more transparent politics and publicly financed elections.

They also maintain that Walmart gave more than $500,000 in political contributions to Senate Republicans to gain leverage against an increase to New York state’s minimum wage. “Not only does CEO big money buy who runs for office and who wins, it buys our policy too,” said Susan Weber, of Albany, an organizer for MoveOn.org. “But for Walmart’s massive donations, the Legislature might have listened to ordinary New Yorkers who overwhelmingly favor an immediate increase in the minimum wage to $10 per hour.” The demonstrators also left “money” at the door of Majority Leader Dean Skelos.