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Space Jesus

by Metroland Staff on April 17, 2013



Space Jesus! C’mon, say it with us: Space Jesus! It just feels good, right? Now imagine shouting it out while lost in an astro-messianic psy-trance reverie. Philly EDM producer Jasha Tull (a given name other performers would kill for) orbits the nebula of hip-hop without crossing the event horizon into dubstep and converted more than one Metroland music writer at last year’s Camp Bisco, representing the green channel late night at the silent disco. This time he’ll be fully amplified and backed by a full band of Aramaic-speaking aliens. What’s more, BioDiesel and Greenhouse Lounge will be onboard to fuel the mission and deliver lost souls. Get saved. (April 18, 8 PM, $15, 388 Broadway, Albany, 465-0444)