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Aficionado’s Final Show

by Metroland Staff on May 2, 2013



“You and What Army?” was the headline we ran when Aficionado graced the cover of Metroland in 2008, marching nine-deep down State Street. Over nearly a decade, the band became an Albany institution, dominating the outdoor festival stages with horns, strobe lights and confetti cannons during their early prog-centric days, and then becoming a label-backed nation-touring force when they stripped back the lineup to their sleek post-hardcore roots. If this reads like a eulogy, that’s because it is. On Saturday, Aficionado take their final bow with a blow-out show featuring former bandmates and plenty of surprises. Nightmares for a Week will open. (May 4, 8 PM, $10, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)