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Pete and Peggy Seeger

by Metroland Staff on May 8, 2013



At 94, Pete Seeger blasted through that still-good-for-an-old-guy glass ceiling decades ago. More than a folk icon, Seeger has remained so vital, engaged, energetic and active that it’s still less important to rehash what he’s accomplished than update you on what he’s presently working on. Last year, Seeger released—count ‘em—three new albums: a tribute to Woody Guthrie, a remastered concert from 1960, and a record with Lorre Wyatt called A More Perfect Union, featuring guests like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello, Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris. This rare appearance with his sister Peggy will benefit Camp Killooleet, a Vermont summer camp formerly run by their late brother John. (May 12, 7 PM, $24-$54, 432 State St., Schenectady, 346-6204)