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Mario Party

by Metroland Staff on May 22, 2013



So, there was this one concert where all of a sudden it seemed like we were in a level from Mario Bros. 3, having downed that one-up mushroom out of sight of the Bowser guarding the door, checked our Tanooki Suit inside the venue and made our way through a crowd of Goombas and Boos to meet up with Luigi and Peach stage-left of Toad’s DJ booth. That was a weird night . . . but one worth revisiting. On Saturday, the Washington Avenue Armory will be transformed into a level from the iconic video game franchise with audio support from S3RL and Tantrum Desire. Don your best Yoshi costume but beware of the Hammer Brothers. (May 25, 6 PM, $19.99-$24.99, 195 Washington Ave., Albany, 512-5203)