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Son Volt

by The Staff on June 6, 2013


Jay Farrar wears a Western shirt as well as anyone who’s ever strummed a guitar. But that’s not why alt-country fans have been following the Missourian since his Uncle Tupelo days of the early ’90s. The man has been peering in the windows of your heart late at night, jotting down what he sees, and feeding it back to you through song.

That bastard.

Son Volt is his primary vehicle these days, and the band have a new record out called Honky Tonk. It’s mostly acoustic music about, as Farrar says, “heartache, heartbreak and the road,” three subjects he knows as well as you do.

Son Volt will play the Egg (Empire State Plaza, Albany) on Tuesday (June 11) at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $24. Call 473-1845 for more info.