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Echo Music Festival

by Metroland Staff on June 19, 2013



God help us all: Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is headlining an electronic music festival. The bronzed, porcupined party brah has spun a whole reality-TV offshoot based on his aspirations to become, like, the next hottest jockey in EDM, but dude had to cancel two “pajama slammas” earlier this year at the Armory. Maybe this is his consolation for leaving all those Joey and Christinas in the lurch. Be sure there will be cameras. And AraabMuzik too, which is actually pretty awesome. The guy is a gymnast on the MPC and the best argument electronic music has for classic-musical virtuosity. (June 21, noon, $65, Mariaville Road, Rotterdam, echomusic.eventbrite.com)