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by The Staff on June 26, 2013


Shannon Plumb, an artist and experimental filmmaker, had been making three-minute comedy shorts for years before she and her husband, filmmaker Derek Cianfrance, had children. And then everything changed.

As Plumb remembered in Filmmaker magazine, “When I became a mom I all of a sudden got serious. I couldn’t tell a funny story. I couldn’t make a funny movie. I was smiling but nothing funny was coming out . . . . Then I started to realize this was some funny stuff.”

Plumb’s renewed comic sensibility is on full display in Towheads, her new feature-length comedy being screened Saturday night at Basilica Hudson. Plumb stars as a harried mom trying on varies disguises in an attempt to explore other identities; her blond kids play her movie kids, and Cianfrance plays the husband. Plumb will be on hand for a Q&A following the show.

Towheads will be screened tomorrow (Friday, June 28) at 8 PM at Basilica Hudson (110 S. Front St., Hudson). Tickets are $5-$10. For more info, visit basilicahudson.com.