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Beat*Shot Music Festival

by The Staff on July 3, 2013

Red Square, Saturday


For five years, the folks behind the Beat*Shot Music Festival have been showcasing the best of local 518 hip-hop. For their next trick, they’re going to squeeze it all into a single day. As always, the event will be hosted by the Beat*Shot Collective, namely Lo-Fi Lobo, Oddy Gato and Trumaster. Headliners include Kalae Nouveau (pictured), J-Live, Mirk, Shyste, Sev Statik and Triune, but the list goes on and on: PJ Katz, Moses Rockwell, Deejay Tone, Nate da Great, Goldtooth, DJ White Lotus, DJ Playground, Elements of Hip-Hop, El Sphinx, the Ameros. The jam starts at noon, and be sure to get there early. Admission goes up for the headlining sets. (July 6, noon, $10-$15, 388 Broadway, Albany, 465-0444)