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Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Wilco

by The Staff on July 18, 2013


Despite its cringe-inducing title, the Americanarama Festival of Music is one of the more creative national-touring mega-bills to come along in some time. As the dubious genre “Americana” rises to mainstream dominance, the tour attempts to showcase the range of talent—young and old—that falls under that very wide umbrella.

Bob Dylan is as close to a living godfather the genre can boast, and it’s nice to see him scrapping the nostalgia tours that so many of his contemporaries have settled into, to share stage time with Wilco, My Morning Jacket and relative newcomer Ryan Bingham. Guitars will be strummed; songs will be sung.

The Americanarama Festival of Music will come to SPAC (Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs) on Sunday (July 21) at 5:30 PM. Tickets are $30-$79.50. Call 584-9330 for more info.