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by Metroland Staff on July 18, 2013



Knee deep in the hoopla; it’s the perfect description of this week’s Alive at Five. Not because Starship, the San Fransico Band formed from remnants of Jefferson Airplane, are taking the stage, but because Albany Mayor Jerrry Jennings recieves a special honor tonight. Who built this city on rock & roll? Apperently he did. City lawmakers decided on Monday to name five acres of the Corning Preserve to honor Mayor Jennings. Say you don’t care who goes to that kind of place, but from now on it will be called Jenning’s Landing. The ceremony includes a firework display after the show to light up the runaways eating up the night. (July 8, 5 PM, free, Albany  Riverfront Park, Corning Preserve, Albany, 434-5411)