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Cirque Eloize

by The Staff on August 1, 2013


Beginning Wednesday, Cirque Eloize settles into Proctors for a three-week-long run presenting their show Cirkopolis. With a set that evokes the mechanized cities of the early 20th century, Cirkopolis combines dance, theater, cinema and circus—think acrobats—in a visually splendid show that will dazzle you with color and movement.

Cirque Eloize’s Cirkopolis opens Wednesday (Aug. 7) and will run through Aug. 24 on the Mainstage at Proctors (432 State St., Schenectady). Tickets are $20-$65. Performances are Wednesday-Thursday at 7 PM, Friday-Saturday at 8 PM, Saturday-Sunday at 2 PM. For more info, call the box office at 346-6204.