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Mobb Deep

by The Staff on August 22, 2013


Queens rap duo Mobb Deep were so central to the sound of mid-’90s New York hip-hop (alongside Wu-Tang, Biggie, Nas, et al.) that a couple of their biggest tracks, “L.A L.A” and “Drop a Gem on ‘Em,” served as heavy ammunition in that decade’s East Coast-West Coast rap feud. However, it was a feud between the two bandmates, Havoc and Prodigy, that led to the group’s brief hiatus (and a diss track) last year.

Seems like bygones are bygones now as Mobb Deep are back on the road, hyping a forthcoming self-titled record, their eighth since 1993. Their stop at Bogie’s is going to get plenty of 518 love too, as Climate Control (featuring Shyste and DeeJay Tone), and PJ Katz and the Fat Buckle Band are slated to open, along with about eight others.

Mobb Deep come to Bogie’s (297 Ontario St., Albany) on Sunday (Aug. 25) at 8 PM. Tickets are $28. Call 482-4393 for more info.