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John Mayer

by The Staff on August 28, 2013


Who would win in a fight of Katy Perry’s celebrity boyfriends, Russell Brand or John Mayer? If MTV had any common sense, they’d put that claymation show Celebrity Death Match back on TV to let us know—maybe along with an actual music video or three.

Our money’s on Brand, cause dude is straight bonkers, but Mayer is not to be discounted. Underneath that pouty babyface and breathy croon is a pair of iron-pumped, sleeve-tatted guns and a manhood he famously described as “sort of like a white supremacist.” (Old, wrinkled and hiding under a white hood?, as one Metroland staffer ventured). The man can sling a proverbial ax, and that should be all the convincing you need whether Mayer is in the ring or on the stage. His Born and Raised Tour comes on the heels of Paradise Valley, an album written about his new Montana home.

John Mayer will play SPAC (Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs) on Friday (Aug. 30) at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $48.50. Call 584-9330 for more info.