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by Metroland Staff on September 18, 2013



We can all find joy somewhere over the rainbow. To get there, it would be wise to join regional ukemeister Ron Gordon at the first annual Electric City Ukefest. The day will commence in Robb Alley with some beginner ukelele, gradually working up to the intermediate level. For those daring enough, there will be an open mic. Have kids? Bring them along. Ukes R Us will surely have all the tikes in a state of glee. To cap it off, Jumpin’ Jon & Liz Beloff will be performing the evening concert Fleabag! They will be joined by some of the world’s great ukeists in the Underground, such as Stuart Fuchs. Festivities begin at 10 AM but, for those interested in only the concert, the show starts at 7 PM. (Sept. 21, $15-$35, 7PM, 432 State Street, Schenectady, 346-6204)