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by The Staff on September 19, 2013


Are you a Madison or Washington Avenue person? Not sure? Then grab a beer and stroll Albany’s Lark Street from one end to the other during this, “New York’s largest one day street festival,” sampling the tunes at either end. LarkFest isn’t officially a battle of the bands—good vibes are the only kind they aim for—but with two stages pumping out good music all day long, you’re going to find yourself in one camp or the other by the end of the day.

Starting at 11 AM, the two stages will feature jazz act the Chronicles to the north and altcountry band Grainbelt to the south. At 12:20 it’s Matt and the Bad Ideas and the Last Conspirators respectively. Barons in the Attic and Rodeo Barons face off at 1:40, followed by Charlie Watts Riots and Molly Durnin Trio at 3. Headlining the day’s festivities at the auspicious 4:20 slot are British singer-songwriter Bobby Long on the Washington Stage and veteran American Willie Nile (pictured) on the Madison Stage.

In between, there will be plenty of food, crafts and fun to be had.

LarkFest comes to Lark Street (Albany) on Saturday (Sept. 21) starting at 10 AM. Admission is free. Visit larkfest2013.com for more info.