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It Lives!

by Ann Morrow on September 26, 2013


photo by Ann Morrow

Ankhefenmut is on the loose. The 3,000-year-old mummy, once a priest and sculptor at the Temple of Mut, has apparently escaped from the Ancient Egyptian gallery at the Albany Institute of History & Art. And after more than a century as part of the museum’s most popular attraction, perhaps it’s understandable that the dead celebrity would get a bit restless, especially now that a new exhibit at the museum, GE Presents: the Mystery of the Albany Mummies (through June 8) has revealed his true identity and reunited him with artifacts from his own lifetime, including the lid to his elaborately decorated coffin. Maybe it was the excitement of this years-in-the-making international display that inspired Ankhefenmut to strut his immortality to the modern world, where he has been spotted at LarkFest and, here at Sunday’s (Sept. 22) Upper Madison Street Fair, menacing and mingling with fairgoers and posing for pictures. Omens foretell that Ankhefenmut will make another run for it on Oct. 19 to attend, appropriately enough, the Festival of the Dead at the nearby Washington Avenue Armory.