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Pretty Lights

by The Staff on October 31, 2013


This isn’t the first trip through Albany’s biggest concert venue for Boulder-based electronic artist Pretty Lights. Last time around, he brought an entire LED-light cityscape (including a Golden Gate Bridge) for his stage design. This time, he’ll bring a whole damn band.

For A Color Map of the Sun, Derek Vincent Smith went back to his analog roots, tracking full-band arrangements of tunes, pressing them to vinyl, then mixing the whole thing through modular synthesis. The project yielded so much material that the release includes an entire second disc of raw breaks and undeveloped sketches. Collaborators included Break Science, Talib Kweli and Eric Krasno—as well as every Brooklyn studio musician he could find playing obscure instruments from the violin trumpet to the water harp. He’s bringing as much of this live process as he can on the road for the Analog Future Tour, as well as opening DJs HeRobust and SuperVision.

Oh, and Thursday night is freakin’ Halloween!

Pretty Lights will play the Times Union Center (51 S. Pearl St., Albany) on Thursday (Oct. 31) at 8 PM. Tickets are $24.75-$34.75. Call 487-2000 for more info.