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Albert Hammond Jr.

by The Staff on November 6, 2013


Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. projects style and grace. His trademark three-piece suit ties together the collective persona of his band the Strokes. Don’t let the mop of hair on his head fool you. This clean-cut guy knows how to trim the fat, leaving only the essentials.

For the past 10 years, Hammond has been going through an experimental process of sorts, producing EP’s such as Yours to Keep and ¿Cómo te Llama? But this wasn’t the same Strokes sound we’ve grown accustomed to hearing since the early 2000s. So, what did Hammond do about this? He pulled out his butcher knife and created the EP AHJ in October.

Heavy-hitting drums and eclectic riffs (similar to the Strokes of a decade ago) accompany the Hammond’s bittersweet lyrical content, telling tales of his darkest hours. These heartfelt songs may be hard to swallow, but they’ll keep you full for days to come. So this is a good time see a “master chef” in action.

Albert Hammond Jr. will perform at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen (79 N. Pearl Street, Albany) on Saturday (Nov. 9) at 7 PM. Tickets are $18. Call 426-8550 for more info.