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It’s Official

Albany mayor-elect Kathy Sheehan thanks her supporters after an easy win

by Christina Dillon on November 7, 2013


Photo by Christina Dillon.

“What a great day to be a Democrat in the city of Albany,” said outgoing mayor Jerry Jennings to a crowd gathered on Tuesday evening (Nov. 5) to watch the results from the general election. Jennings occupied his role as Albany’s mayor for 20 years, and now city treasurer and fellow Democrat Kathy Sheehan will officially become the new leader of New York’s capital city.

“Albany is a great city, we love our city,” she said.

Sheehan celebrated her campaign victory with family, friends, and other supporters on Tuesday night at the Polish Community Center on Washington Avenue extension.

Leading the polls with 83 percent of the vote over her three opponents, Republican Jesse Calhoun, Conservative Joseph Sullivan, and Green Party candidate Theresa Portelli, Sheehan will become Albany’s first woman mayor.

“It’s a really exciting time for women in politics, it’s time we make our mark,” said Sheehan. “I think it’s really important that we have more women involved. New York is not among the top states for women, only 13 of the 100 largest cities are run by women.”

As mayor, Sheehan said she will strive to strengthen Albany’s neighborhoods by creating economic opportunity. “If we want safe streets, if we want strong neighborhoods, we must ensure all of our residents have the opportunity to succeed,” she told the crowd.

During her speech, she also stated that she will work with residents to deliver on the promise of “this being the century of the city.” Sheehan added that she is determined to make the capital a walkable, livable, and diverse urban center.

“I am committed to engaging and empowering every resident, we know our best days are ahead of us,” she said.

Sheehan will be Albany’s fourth mayor since 1941.