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On the Street

Metroland caught up with Alyssa Hardy, the social media coordinator for Milady, and a recruiter for StyleLikeU.com, at her apartment in Albany to talk style.

by Erin Pihlaja on November 27, 2013


Alyssa Hardy photographed by Erin Pihlaja.

Metroland: So tell us about your work.

Alyssa Hardy: Milady is an educational provider for people in the beauty, health, and wellness industry. For Style Like U, I go to New York City and find people on the street who have an interesting look. It’s like sociological fashion that takes us into these people’s closets.

How do you choose your subjects?

AH: I pick people who are unique. It’s so different for so many people. It’s about confidence—the way somebody is wearing something. People are trying to say something with what they are wearing, some people just exude a sense of style.

Is it weird that we recruited a fashion recruiter for this piece?

AH: Yes (laughs).

How do you describe your personal style?

AH: It’s sort of bohemian but maybe a little edgier. I wear a lot of black.

Photo by Erin Pihlaja.

What are you wearing right now?

AH: This lace wrap top is vintage Diane Von Furstenberg, the chiffon dress is from H & M, the black jeans are Levi’s, and these were my friend’s boots. I love swapping clothes with friends. My leopard print coat is vintage.

So, you’re not going to don a sequined party dress this holiday season?

AH: Not really, comfort is important to me. I like to take a high-end piece and mix it with something that’s a bit easier or edgier. I’m really into playing up a statement piece. I love lace—how it moves and feels.

What’s the upstate local fashion scene like?

AH: I work with Corey Aldrich on the Electric City Couture fashion shows. We have a huge range of local designers. Some are just starting out and some are really established. Lately we’ve been coordinating photo shoots to help them get their looks together. It’s a lot of work, but I’ve made some really great friends.

Where do you shop locally?

AH: I love Some Girls Boutique in Troy [225 River St.]. I’m also a big thrift store shopper, whether it’s Metropolis [32 Fuller Road, Albany] or the Salvation Army. There are also a lot of great stores in Saratoga, but I don’t get up there as much as I’d like.