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Bill Kirchen

by The Staff on December 12, 2013

The Ale House, Sunday


This American rockabilly is still at it. At the ripe age of 65, Bill Kirchen will grace the Capital Region with his presence and guitar prowess. “The Titan of the Telecaster” knows how to pluck those six strings every which way possible. His signature sound is known as “dieselbilly,” which incorporates country, blues, western swing and boogie-woogie. Seeds and Stems is Kirchen’s new record, and we’ll assume he’s named the record after the elements he’s removed from his stash. It will be nothin’ but the greenest of trees for this band when they bring their holiday tour to the Ale House on Sunday. (Dec. 15, 8 PM, $20, 680 River Street, Troy, 272-9740)