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Tech It Up

Voters approve new technology upgrades for the Troy School District

by Michael Bielawski on December 12, 2013

Residents of the Troy City School District voted yes on an $8.4 million bond referendum for technology upgrades for its schools on Tuesday (Dec. 10). A statement on the district website read: “We are grateful to the taxpayers for investing in the future of the Troy City School District. This Capital Project will benefit the entire Troy community for years to come and support the district’s mission of raising student achievement and transforming today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.” The unofficial vote was 385 to 279.

Named the Technology & Security Capital Project, the “university caliber” upgrades include smart-boards, interactive projectors, document cameras, video conference ability, campuswide Wi-Fi access, new security cameras, door locking, and an “early warning system.” The Troy Police Department will have access to the new security cameras.

The upgrades for the 250 classrooms districtwide will be based on a system already set up at the Troy Middle School. Last week, the system was showcased at the Technology Day event held at the school. Students tested the latest tech gadgets in their classrooms while learning about video-game and TV production. They also took a “virtual tour” of the San Diego Zoo.

District Superintendent John Carmello said of the vote, “We are appreciative to the district taxpayers who have allowed us to do this transformative project. This will enable the district to be as high tech, safe and secure as it can be.” He also said that 95 percent of the project will be paid for in state aid, meaning the remaining cost to each district homeowner should be less than a dollar a month.

At the moment it is not clear what specific state aid the 95 percent, or $8 million, will come from, or what conditions were met to qualify for the aid. The Troy School District office did not provide an answer before press time.

The next step will be to submit an application to the Department of Education after which design work will begin. Installation should begin in the summer for use in the 2014-2015 school year.